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Updated: 07.02.2018

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Today's Date : March 24, 2018

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1RI-II/CMPDI/STATIONERY ITEM/17-18/ 5274-83 Dt : 14.03.2018 Supply Of Stationery Items At CMPDI, RI-II, Koyla Bhawan Complex, Koylanagar, Dhanbad14.03.201825.03.201826.03.2018 at 04:00 PM 685.66
255 of 2017-18 dt 27.02.2018 Maintenance Contract For Civil Engineering Works For Office And Other Service Buildings At CMPDI(HQ) Ranchi05.03.201826.03.201827.03.2018 at 03:30 PM 1,745.75
3CMPDVRI-VII/BBSR/Env/T-31/2018/E153336 Dtd:14/03/2018 Baseline Data Collection I Generation And Analysis Of Various Samples Of Group I (Air Onlyl For Kulda Expn. OCP.15.03.201826.03.201827.03.2018 at 03:00 PM 567.96
4CMPDI/RI VI/R1/Purchase/BulkheadLight /2017 18/205 Purchase Of Bulk Light Fitting14.03.201828.03.201828.03.2018 at 04:00 PM 734.24
5CMPDI/RI-VI/E&M/2017-18/206 Dated: 16.03.2018 Rate Contract For Repairing Of Ceiling & Exhaust Fans Of CMPDI, RI6. Office, Colony & Drilling Camp Singrauli (M.P.) For One Year16.03.201827.03.201828.03.2018 at 11:00 AM 1,109.42
6CMPDI/RI-1/E&M/2018/1342 Dated:17/03/2018 Rewiring And Modification Of RDs Bungalow At CMPDI,RI-1,Asansol19.03.201829.03.201830.03.2018 at 03:30 PM 3,482.66
7RI-II/CMPDI/PLOTTER PAPER/17-18/5349-60 Dt : 20.03.2018 Supply Of Plotter Paper At CMPDI, RI-2, Dhanbad21.03.201830.03.201831.03.2018 at 04:00 PM 517.42
857 of 2017-18 dt 19.03.2018 Painting Works During VIP Visit And Other Occasion At CMPDI (HQ), Ranch22.03.201802.04.201802.04.2018 at 03:30 PM 5,892.64
9CMPDI/RI-VII/GMT/AMC/2018/583 Date: 20/03/2018 Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) For 14 Nos. Of Chirag Desktop PC (Specifications In Annexure-II) At CMPDI, RI-7, Plot No.-E-4, Near Gandhi Park, Samantapuri, Bhubaneswar 20.03.201803.04.201803.04.2018 at 03:30 PM 2,102.74