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Updated: 21.09.2022

Mining Electronics

Mining Electronics Division is actively associated with the identification and Implementation of Electronics & Control System for underground mines as well as opencast projects besides planning and design of communication network of subsidiaries for providing voice and data communication as a part of CoalNet project. Electronics Department is associated with laboratory activities pertaining to the repair and calibration of different gas detectors/monitors for underground mines based on the approval accorded by the DGMS authority as well as repairing of imported HEMM Electronics cards of 120T/170T/85T Dumpers, Dhovels, Draglines & Drill etc.

Infrastructure/Laboratory Facilities

Electronics Division of CMPDI Ltd. has well established laboratory for undertaking repairing and maintenance jobs related to safety and industrial Electronics systems of mines.  Our Laboratory is duly certified by BVQI for ISO-9001 and accredited by DGMS Dhanbad for undertaking repairing and calibration of all types of gas detectors vide letter no.16(2)-84-Genl/1075 dtd. 20.2.92 and 16(7) 2003-Genl/1886 dtd.12.5.03. important repairing jobs undertaken by this division includes :-

a)    Electronic Cards of HEMM equipment

Cards Details
A.      170T/120T Dumpers
1 TPP 17FM 522
2 GFSP 17FM 491
3 GFM Module
4 Logic Card 17 FD 1403
5 Logic Card 17 FD 1402
7 Isolation amplifier Module
8 Load ref. card 17 FD 1163
9 Timer Card 17 FD 1405
10 MFLP Card
11 VMM Module
12 Power Supply Card 17 FD 1110
13 Electronic Drive Card 17 FD 1398
14 17 FD 1414
15 Electronic buffer card 17 FD 1415
16 Electronic card 17 FD 1416
17 Electronic card 17 FD 1436
18 Electronic card 17 FD 1437
19 Electronic card 17 FD 1208
20 Electronic card 17 FD 1401
21 Electronic card 17 FD 1404
22 Timer card 17 FD 1405
23 Electronic card 17 FD 1397
24 Electronic card 17 FD 1446
25 Crow bar/Battery boost
26 17 FD 1349
27 17 FD 1172
28 SCR Firing card 17 FD 1349
29 17 FD 1138
30 Motoring Reg. card 17 FD 1345
31 Interface Amplifier car 17 FP 1160
32 Retard Ref. card 17 FD 1468
B.      Russian Drill SBSH 250 H
1 Power Supply Card
2 Exciter Card
3 Pulse generator card
4 Pulse amplifier card
C.      Dragline 24/96
1 Relay Card
2 Reversible Logic Card
3 Automatic Voltage Isolator Card
4 Single phase power supply card
5 Voltage regulator card
D.      P&H Shovel
1 Divertor control module
2 Current Regulator card
3 Firing pulse Generator Card
4 Firing pulse amplifier card
5 Voltage regulator card
6 Blocking circuit card
7 Blocking amplifier card
8 Adopter Swing Card
E.      B.E. Shovel
1 Voltage regulator card
F.      Champion Motor Grader
1 Gear Control Card
G.      85 T Komatsu Dumper
1 Gear Control (Computer card) Card
2 Warning controller card

H.     MK 30 B (120T) Dumper

1 17 FB 100 power supply card
2 17 FB CPU card
3 17 FB 140 Analog card
4 17 FB 104 Digital card

b)    Repairing & Calibration of Gas Monitors

Analog/Digital Methanometer and Multigas detector are being repaired and calibrated in our Electronics Laboratory. Presently D6-MSA make methanometers are being repaired & calibrated however the repairing & calibration of Digital gas detectors shall be undertake

Scheme/Project Completed

Electronics Division has prepared various feasibility reports project reports and tender documents for CIL & its subsidiary companies, Singareni Colliery Co. Ltd., Bharat Aluminum, Hindustan Copper, Hindustan Zinc Ltd. Some of the important and major areas covered are :-

  • Surface integrated communication based on HF, VHF, UHF, MART, EPABX, DECT, OFC, VSAT and WLAN.
  • Automation, Control and Communication for Coal Washeries and CHPs.
  • Monitoring and instrumentation of domestic mechanised soft coke plant coal gas plants.
  • Underground mine communication and monitoring.
  • Opencast mine communication and mine management system.
  • Temparature control, both ratio control, thickness gauge controls for Aluminum plant.
  • Repair & maintenance of Microprocessor based environmental monitoring system (Moonidih, Tipong, Dhemomain & Amlabad).
  • Indigenisation of Imported Control cards of BATAC Jigs of washeries (Bhojudih, Rajrappa and Kargali).
  • Prepared NIT for Truck Dispatch System for Dudhichua OCP of NCL.
  • Conducted field trial of Mine Management System at Rajrappa OCP for 3 months in 1986.

R&D Activities

Electronics Division has been associated with various R&D activities alongwith reputed Research Institute and reputed manufacturers of the country like IIT, Kharagpur, IIT, Kanpur, CEERI, Pilani, CMRI, Dhanbad and BIT, Mesra for development of new system. List of important projects are listed below :-

  1. CDS System
    Know-how transferred and commercialised with several parties e.g. AKG Eelctronics, SEMEX India, Beltron etc.
  2. Sound Powered Telephone System
    Developed in Association with M/s. AKG Electronics.
  3. Cage Communication System
    Developed & installed in association with M/s. Beltron at Moonidih, BCCL. Also one hoist communication system of foreign make was tried out at BGML, Kolar.
  4. Inductive Communication System
    Designed and developed in association with M/s. Beltron.
  5. Leaky Feeder Communication System
    Developed in association with CEERI Pilani under S&T project and tried out at Hindustan Copper Ltd., Khetri Mines.
  6. VLF (Very Low Frequency) Communication for Trapped Miners
    Designed and developed with the help of IIT, Kanpur, Field trial at Kusmunda, BCCL and Sirka Mine, CCL.
  7. Goaf Temperature Monitoring System
    Developed in association with BIT Mesra under S&T project. Field Trial conducted at Dhemonain & Seetalpur Colliery, ECL.
  8. Defectograph
    Developed in association with ISM, Dhanbad and knowhow transferred to WEBEL.
  9. Run away Coal Tub Warning System
    Developed in association with BIT Mesra under S&T grant Field Trial conducted at Central Saunda, CCL.
  10. Environmental Monitoring System
    Developed in association with M/s. UPTRON and M/s. BHEL under TDC funding. Field Trial conducted at PK-1 mines, SCCL, and Tirat Colliery, ECL respectively.
  11. Mine – Winder Monitoring System
    Developed in association with CEERI, Pilani under TDC scheme. The know-how transferred to M/s. V.K.Industries, Rajasthan and M/s. Andrew Yule, Kolkata.
  12. Coal Ash Monitoring System
    Developed in association with ECIL, Hyderabad under TDC funding programme. Field Trial conducted at Dugda Washery, BCCL.
  13. Coal Tub Weighing Counting System
    Developed in association with BIT Mesra, under S&T Project. Tried out at Hathidari Incline, CCL.
  14. Geological Discontinuities
    Being developed in association with IIT, Kharagpur
  15. Damodar Flood Level Warning System
    Developed in association with BIT, Mesra and tried out at A.K. Mines, CCL
  16. Loud Hailing Communication System
    Developed in association with IIT, Bangalore and tried out at Saunda-D, CCL.
  17. Laser Alignment System
    Developed in association with Jyoti Ltd., and tried out at Moonidih, BCCL
  18. Shaft Signalling System
    Developed in association with WSF, Calcutta and tried out at Saunda-D, CCL.

Ongoing Projects/Jobs

  • Turnkey execution of Telecommunication network of voice/data for ECL.
  • Scheme for Telecommunication network of voice/data for MCL.
  • HEMM Electronic cards repairing for 170T/120T dumpers, shovels, dragline and drills.
  • Repairing and calibration of methanometers (D6-MSA make & Digital Gas Detector).
  • Chapter on electronics and telecommunication for various project reports.
  • R&D funded project on geological discontinuity through Radar Technique in association with IIT, Kharagpur.