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Updated: 21.09.2022


CMPDI has completed over 1000 coal exploration projects in India in all types of terrain and geological set-up. This has resulted in proving more than 95 billion tonnes of coal reserves. CMPDI has expanded its activities to Manganese, Iron Ore and Rock Phosphate. Exploration has also been carried out in Tanzania. Annually, CMPDI carries out about 500,000 meters of drilling spread over seven States in India through 18 drilling camps and outsourcing.

Services offered

  • Drilling (Coring & Non-coring)

  • Topographical Survey

  • In-seam Seismic survey
  • High Resolution Shallow Seismic (HRSS) Reflection
  • Seismic Refraction
  • Geo-technical studies
  • Geo-physical survey (borehole & surface)
  • Geo-chemical testing
  • Hydro geological studies
  • Water budgeting and management
  • Groundwater budgeting and management
  • Water well drilling, development and construction
  • Aquifer testing
    • Water supply for rural and urban population
    • Mine inflow study
    • Reserve Assessment
    • Modeling
    • Documentation
  • Coal Quality assessment
  • Interpretation of Stratigraphy & structure
  • Coal / Mineral Resource Evaluation
  • Geological Modeling