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Updated: 21.09.2022

Information & Communication Technology

  • Centralized software developed and maintained by ICT Division, CMPDI for entire CIL:
    • Maintenance of Portal for Contract Labour Information Portal – CLIP: registering contract labour working in various subsidiaries.
    • Executive Information System (EIS) – maintains executive master data like grade, location, joining, retirement, seniority etc.
    • On-Line Human Resource Management System (HRMS) for management of PRIDE/PAR, Transfer applications, family details, experience & skill-set etc.
    • Maintenance of Vigilance Clearance System/Vigilance Monitoring System for CIL and subsidiaries.
    • Maintenance of On-line web enabled Annual Property Return system for all executives of Coal India Limited.
    • Bank Card Rate System – invites interest rate quotation from banks for placement of companies’ FDs.
    • Underground and Opencast Mine Capacity Assessment - Applications have been developed and deployed for seamless entry of equipment data.
    • Online Coal Block Information System - Application has been developed to give information regarding Coal Block Mine Data.
    • Maintenance of Mine Data Management System Portal (MDMS) which depicts salient features of projects being monitored by CIL. The main features of the portal is to monitor the progress of coal projects which encompasses Environmental Clearance (EC), Forest Clearance (FC), Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation & Resettlement (R&R), financial parameters, HEMM procurement, production and other major infrastructure such as Coal Handling Plant (CHP), silo, washery, railway sidings and others.
    • Maintenance of web portal integrated with MDMS which is used for monitoring of environmental status and EC-FC compliance related data (environmental status like ambient air, Noise, Drinking water, Surface water etc.)
    • Maintenance of a Web module integrated with MDMS which is used to monitor the Status of 1 BT Plan at CIL level.
    • Sustainable Development Cell (SDC) under MDMS portal: The interface has been developed under MDMS portal for creation of SDC schemes and activities across CIL & subsidiaries with respect to
      • Air Quality Management,
      • Mine Tourism,
      • Renewable Energy,
      • Restoration of ecology and biodiversity
      • and implementation of best practices in Coal sector.
    • A clone for PARIVESH portal on EC/FC vetting: A portal has been created with respect to the forms 1,2,3,4,5 and EIA/EMP for vetting by the peers (Regional Institutes of CMPDI), CIL & respective subsidiaries of the projects. After finalization of vetting and based on the comments the revised forms are getting uploaded in PARIVESH portal of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC).
    • A dashboard, Koyla Darpan, for MOC is being maintained which has information on Indian coal and lignite.
    • Colony maintenance portal for whole of CIL has been developed and is ready for implementation.
    • Development of Coal Block Data Management System (CBDMS): The website provides various information of coal block like
      • No. of existing coal block and mines
      • Total geological reserve
      • Quantity of coal extracted so far
      • Balance extractable reserves
      • Exploration status of coal block
      • Area of block and forest cover
      • DGPS status of block boundaries
      • Mining feasibility of block
      • Expenditure made in Exploration
      • Cost of sale of GR.
    •     This website also gives the Map view of each block, Rail and Road corridor along with their details.
  • ERP with its 6 modules namely HCM, FICO, PM, PS, MM and SD has been implemented in CMPDI. Primary MPLS connectivity with 100 Mbps bandwidth at HQ, DC & DR and 40 Mbps bandwidth at RIs has been established by Railtel Corporation. Secondary MPLS connectivity with 100 Mbps bandwidth at HQ and 40 Mbps bandwidth at RIs has been established by BSNL.
  • CMPDI has upgraded the e-Office for entire Coal India Limited in new infrastructure.
  • ICT Division has been doing the maintenance of Local Area Network with fibre optic backbone. All RIs have been connected with CMPDI (HQ) through MPLS VPN Circuit. CMPDI is having 1 Gbps dedicated Internet Leased Line through BSNL and 1 Gbps Secondary ILL through RailTel.
  • A portal for uploading of invoices from CMPDI HQ and RIs has been developed which facilitates our client CIL subsidiaries to download the invoices and quickly process them. This will minimize the delay in payments of invoices to CMPDI.
  • For real time monitoring of tasks / action points, a CMD CMPDI dashboard has been developed.
  • SAS software platform has been procured for Data Analytics. A Centre of Excellence is being planned which can take up projects related to Data Analytics.
  • Socio-economic report preparation under EIA-EMP report preparation is being done.
  • Laboratory reporting system for environment laboratory has been developed and successfully deployed.
  • The S&T project Indigenous development of IoT enabled technology for monitoring, analysis and interpretation of longwall shield pressure for improving safety and productivity is going on.
  • The R&D project Development of an indigenous optical fibre-based instrument for measuring in-the-hole Velocity of detonation and analysing the performance of explosives in field conditions is going on.
  • The S&T project Assessment of REE and other economic resources in Coal & non-coal strata and characterization of Acid mine drainage and its pollution control from the North Eastern Region Coalfield, India is going on.