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Updated: 08.04.2022

Information & Communication Technology

  • LAN extending over 4 Buildings with Fibre Optic backbone
  • Way back in the year 1994, CMPDI recognized the importance of Networking and took a confident stride by establishing a Local Area Network with a Fibre Optic backbone covering three main office buildings with 64 clients. CMPDI now has four main office buildings connected through Fibre Optic backbone which has nearly 1000 clients. This robust LAN provides networking and high-speed information sharing capabilities to hundreds of computers and peripheral devices. CMPDI, being a consultancy organization, is heavily dependent on reliable information sharing and hence, the LAN serves as the lifeline of the state-of-the-art planning activities. The LAN also serves as the connecting pathway to Internet and thus enables users to access enormous amounts of advanced technical information.
  • 100 Mbps Dedicated Leased Line Internet Connection
  • In the year 2000, CMPDI established a 128 Kbps Leased Line for Internet connectivity, thus paving the way for exposure to a world of information. CMPDI now has a dedicated 100 Mbps Leased Line connection for premium Internet connectivity with Secondary Leased line of 4 Mbps.
  • MPLS connectivity to all Regional Institutes
  • The necessity of secure access through a public network like Internet propelled CMPDI to think of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). In the year 2009, CMPDI used the power of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) to establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that connects all its Regional Institutes (RIs) which are geographically dispersed. The MPLS based VPN has contributed significantly towards increasing the efficiency of data handling, information exchange and centralization of services which are mentioned below:
    • Centralised Management of Software Licenses:-The network based licenses of various software like MINEX (a leading mine planning software), AutoCAD etc. have been deployed on the servers of CMPDI(HQ). Users across CMPDI, including those at Regional Institutes, get to work on the required software by connecting to CMPDI's network. This has led to an extremely efficient way of managing software licences.

    • Internet and e-mail services:-Users across CMPDI including those at Regional Institutes have secure access to Internet and e-mail services by using the MPLS based VPN.

    • Management of Drilling and Stores Information:-Using the MPLS based VPN and various software developed in-house, CMPDI(HQ) is able to get drilling and stores information online from the camps which are functioning in extremely remote areas.
  • Establishment of  Intranet
  • CMPDI has established a highly secure Intranet that uses Internet Protocol technology to share information, and computing services within CMPDI. The Intranet has a user-friendly website that provides an efficient platform for internal communication and collaboration. Many software developed in-house, cater to the requirements of internal users and the network in general has special provisions for authentication and authorization.
  • Executive Information System
  • The Executive Information System (EIS) for all below board level executives of CIL, was launched in Dec 2010. The application has been used for the past one year primarily for supporting DPC related requirements within CIL. The application has been simultaneously addressing transaction related issues to address the complexities arising out of changes in policies. The application has been designed to operate securely on the public network using an internet connection. The user authentication mechanism is entirely based on oracle security.
  • Office Automation
  • CMPDI acknowledges the fact that optimizing and automating existing office procedures is extremely critical for enhancing efficiency. Using the LAN as the backbone and Office Automation software packages, users at CMPDI are adept in managing electronic business information.
  • Web Applications
  • CMPDI has a group of software developers who have successfully developed many web based software applications. With ORACLE RDBMS at the back-end, PHP, AJAX, Javascript etc. have been used extensively at CMPDI to create secure web applications. These applications are routinely accessed by users over Internet and Intranet. The ICT division has reliable front-end as well as backend facilities for development of modern applications.
  • Database Design
  • CMPDI has expertise over the overall process of database designing. Along with the base data structures, CMPDI has experience in creating database applications within established database management systems (DBMS).
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Centre
  • CMPDI has a well-equipped GIS Centre having an Enterprise GIS suite ArcGIS along with AutoCAD Map. The centre also has a wide format scanner and a wide format plotter. There are experienced people taking care of all the wide format scanning and plotting activities. The centre is actively engaged in activities like creating Land Information Systems and handling images.
  • Networking Solutions
  • CMPDI has the expertise to offer integrated Networking solutions including Network design and VPN implementations matching the business need of clients. Extending the offered Networking solutions, CMPDI also has the expertise to develop related web applications for the clients in order to use the Network efficiently and productively.
  • Remote Tender Uploading

  • Entry Level and Medium Range Servers
  • HP EVA 4400 SAN Storage
  • 100 Mbps Leased Line
  • CISCO Routers & Firewall
  • Layer 3 Switches
  • A0 size Plotter & Colour Scanner
  • Human Resources Information System for Coal India Limited
  • Computerised Maintenance Management System for Rajrappa Coal Washery
  • Digitisation and Creation Database of Coalfields for CCDA (Govt. of India)
  • Hospital Management System
  • Daily Production Report System for Central Coalfields Limited
  • LAN Establishment in Central Coalfields Limited
  • Scheme for 10th Five Year Plan for Coal & Lignite Sector
  • GIS Center at Western Coalfields Limited
  • Borehole Database for GeoMine modelling for Central Coalfields Limited
  • 64 Kbps Dedicated Leased Line Internet Connection in Bharat Coking Coal Ltd., Dhanbad
  • Environment Management Capacity Building
  • Establishment of LAN at Bharat Coking Coal Limited, Dhanbad
  • Integrated Information System for Central Coalfields Limited
  • Integrated Information System (MIS) for Central Coalfields Limited
  • Coalbed Methane Electronic Library and Clearing House
  • Website hosting for BCCL
  • Website development and hosting for MCL
  • Online Recruitment System for MCL, CCL,ECL,WCL
  • Land Information System for Central Coalfields Limited