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Updated: 08.04.2022


With a mission of exploration of coal and other mineral resources and providing consultancy in mine planning, design, associated engineering and management systems, CMPDIL, as a premier consultant, strives to be the market leader in the expanding earth resource sector and other professional activities.

We are committed to:
1 Continually improve the quality of our consultancy and other support services with due consideration of the environment, information security and energy performance;
2 Protect the environment by minimizing the adverse impact of our activities on it by consistently reducing, reusing and recycling a part of the waste generated;
3 Provide the resources for achieving the objectives and targets of the quality, environment, energy and information security management systems;
4 Protect our information assets from threats and interruptions to maintain business continuity and continually improve information security performance;
5 Comply with the legal and all other applicable requirements.