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Updated: 21.09.2022

Mine Planning & Design

CMPDI has comprehensive experience in dealing with mining projects having geo-structural complexities. CMPDI has planned about 700 projects for an additional capacity generation of over 500 million tonnes of coal per annum. It has developed expertise in the reconstruction of mines, conversion of underground mines into open cast, mining in rugged terrain etc.

Services offered

  • Formulation of project reports for underground and open cast mines, feasibility studies of mines either with open cast technology or by underground mining technology for mines of any size and complexity
  • CMPDI has the credit of planning open cast mines for a capacity upto 70 million tones per year and depth upto 480 metre. While in underground, CMPDI has planned for 5.0 million tones per year capacity mine and upto a depth of 600 metre
  • Detailed design of underground and open cast mines
  • Operational plans for open cast mines
  • Monitoring performance and utilization of major HEMM and underground equipment
  • Techno-economic appraisal of mining projects
  • Technical audit of working mines
  • Introduction and adaptation of new technology for underground and open cast mines
  • Introduction of man riding systems in large underground mines
  • Preparation of manuals and special reports
  • Formulation of norms and standards for mining systems, operation and equipment
  • Preparation of major Equipment specifications and assistance in procurement
  • Controlled blasting - studies and application
  • Blasting in fire areas and under built-up areas
  • Muffled blasting for demolition of surface structures in built-up areas
  • Techno-Economic evaluation of new explosives
  • Planning and detailed design of vertical shafts including head frame, winder, fan drift, cage/skip, shaft outfitting and loading/unloading systems
  • Planning and detailed design of inclined shafts systems with skip/belt conveyors and man riding systems
  • Master planning of Coalfields