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Updated: 04.08.2020

Vendor's Registration


Instruction to fill Vendor Registration Form

  • This scope of registration is limited to Equipment / Machineries for usage in Coal / Mineral Beneficiation Plants / Washery. The registered vendor will be eligible to quote for their products to the turnkey contractor selected by the Subsidiary Companies of Coal India Limited.  The enlistment does not necessarily confirm issue of tender enquiry.
  • All paras are mandatory to be filled and supported with documents as evidence/ proof etc. where required. If any para is not filled or improperly filled, only once clarifications / ‘request for submission of documents’ etc. will be asked through email address or postal address. If no clarification is received within two months from the issue of the above referred letter, then your application for vendor registration will not be further considered for vendor evaluation by the Vendor Evaluation Committee.
  • Excel sheets of MS Office may preferably be used for hard copies of the filled-in form.
  • Registration shall be valid for two years from the date of issuance of letter of registration.
  • All pages of registration document shall be signed by the Power of Attorney Holder [refer to para 6(Part-I) of the vendor registration format].
  • If quality of product(s) is not maintained within two years of validity, name will be deleted from the approved vendor list.
  • Inclusion / Deletion will be sole authority of GM(CMP).
  • Vendors are advised to get fresh registration through submission of Renewal of Registration Form (supported with required documents) sufficiently before natural expiry of validation.
  • User’s performance certificate should be at least for two years.
  • Approved vendors  shall submit technical details with current price / budgetary offer for our review, whenever asked for, failing which this registration may be cancelled.
  • The registration / enlistment shall not be valid for ongoing works / contracts as well as tenders which are in process. It will be valid for only those tenders which are issued after the issuance of registration letter.

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